The Partner You Need To Keep Your Plant Running

Industrial Compressed Air Equipment and Services.

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The Partner You Need To Keep Your Plant Running

Industrial Compressed Air Equipment and Services.

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  • Eliminate Down Time
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Trust Through Transparency

ESA Will Make Your Life Easy

We specialize in all aspects of the Compressed Air & Gas Industry with auditing, automation & controls, instrumentation, oil-flooded & oil-free rotary screw compressor technology, nitrogen generators, and more, guaranteed to help your system operate smoothly.

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Even top-rated air compressor companies often fail when it comes to service, support, and response times.

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Without the right air equipment (and the right support), your assembly line could reach a grinding halt.

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All too often, plant managers are asked to make do with industrial air compressors or air dryers they didn't select in the first place.

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If you choose air compressors or air dryers that don't work out, you may not have the chance to select equipment again.

Choosing the Right Air Compressor Gives You Reliability to Keep Production Moving

Our team has the experience to keep your operation working smoothly and reliably.

Stop paying for costly downtime.

Properly installed air compressors give you the air system you need when you need it.

Peace of Mind maintenance from an authorized distributor allows your facility to stay productive.

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Get the Support You Need

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Contact Us Anytime

We're available 24/7, and one of our service technicians will be available to talk with you the same day.


Get Remote Rescue

We can diagnose your air compressor issues over the phone or via video, potentially walking you through maintenance or repairs right away.


Schedule a Service

If we can't fix the compressor issue remotely, we'll send a trained tech directly to your business to diagnose your issues.


Develop a Plan

Based on your facility needs, we'll design a plan to get your complete line up and running optimally while keeping things as energy efficient and affordable as possible.

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Your Partner for Compressor Assistance - Compressed Air Equipment Provider for North & South Carolina

With more than six decades of industry experience, Engineering Sales Associates is a recognized leader in providing the best industrial air compressor solutions to our customers. We are available around the clock to help resolve problems promptly, and we offer both remote diagnostics and field service as needed. Our mission is to get your equipment working optimally, providing reliable compressed air performance you can count on.

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We're Here to Help

Since 1961, ESA's industrial air compressor air services experts have provided customers in the Carolinas and surrounding regions with expert assistance and, more importantly, customized solutions. Whether you need air compressor maintenance, a short-term rental, or new air equipment, we're here to help.

Air Compressor Services

At ESA, we offer a range of solutions when it comes to industrial air compressors and air equipment, including turn-key installations, custom installations, air end rebuilds, cooler flushes, motor repair, and more.

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Air Compressor Equipment & Parts

ESA is an exclusive distributor of Gardner Denver air equipment and replacement parts, but we also offer Aircel, BEKO, Deltech, and Atlas Copco, along with many more high-performance air compressor manufacturers and major brands.

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Air Compressor Rentals

Whether you need equipment for a day or a month, we've got you covered. ESA has fast, on-demand air rental solutions for all your needs.

Our Range of Product Offerings


We work with various models of Compressors, including Oil flooded, Oil Free, High Pressure, Reciprocating, Rotary Screw Compressors, Piston Compressors, and more.


Air Treatment Products

Our team has expertise with Compressed Air Dryers, Filters, Vacuum Systems, Industrial Blowers, and more to ensure proper air quality.

Air Products

Air Products

We have extensive experience with Pipe, Storage, Condensate Solutions, and more.

Particulate removal from fluid flow applications. Filter Bags, Cartridges, Strainers, and Mechanical Filtration.


Additional Services

We provide more than air equipment. We also provide solutions – rentals, audits, and surveys.

What Our Clients Say

Their techs are friendly, Customer Support is good, and they are quick to respond to any outage. ESA’s ability to troubleshoot and get up here quickly really helps them get our business.


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NC’s Premier Gardner Denver Service & Equipment Provider


ESA Supports theHeartbeat of Your Production

Our mission as a veteran-owned compressed air and fluid flow service provider is to support the heartbeat of your production.

Your requirements drive our solutions to ensure your production needs are always met.

Trusted by Businesses Coast-to-Coast