CS Instruments Leak Detector In Use

Measuring Devices For Leak Detection And Calculation

Leakages are the reason for the biggest waste of energy in compressed air systems. Several studies show that 30% of the cost of compressed air can be saved by eliminating leakages. Therefore, it is a must to detect and eliminate leakages frequently. Our LD-Series will give you all the function needed to detect leakages and measure the consequences in terms of energy consumption and wasted money.

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LD 500/510

Leak detector with camera

The starter kit for leak detection enables reliable detection, compressed air leakage calculation, and reporting.

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CS Leak Reporter Cloud Solution

For LD 500/510

The CS Leak Reporter Cloud Solution combines the functionalities of the CS Leak Reporter V2 with a browser-based cloud system.

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ESA leakage software
CS Leak Reporter V2

Reporting Software for LD 500/510

For detailed ISO 50001 reports. Gives an illustrated overview on the detected leaks and possible savings.

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Leak Detector LD 450

Refined Sensor Technology

Leak detector for compressed air, gas and vacuum systems. Optionally as a single device or in a case set.

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