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AirShield – Keep Your Plant Running

If your air compressor system requires service and maintenance, look no further than Engineering Sales Associates (ESA) for assistance. Since its establishment in 1961, ESA has provided customers in the Carolinas and surrounding regions with expert assistance for their air compressor needs. From offering preventive maintenance to providing repair services when something goes wrong with your system or a system component, count on the experts at Engineering Sales Associates to be there when you need it.

AirShield Preventive Maintenance Plans

Most downtime can be prevented using preventive maintenance. Fortunately, ESA has professional maintenance plans that offer a range of conveniences.

For starters, you’ll get:

  • Guaranteed pricing through ESA's plans
  • You won't be subject to price increases imposed by the manufacturer or fluctuating labor rates
  • You will benefit from an around-the-clock response time with technicians available 24/7 to meet your needs
  • Tech support, including free assessments and advice, and performance reporting are also included in a comprehensive maintenance plan
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Tailored to Customer Requirements

In order to provide optimal service, ESA uses several strategies to provide customers with premium results.


ESA ensures plans comply with active warranties and OEM warranties.

Free Consultation

ESA offers customers a free consultation so that the service manager can learn the customer's specific requirements and operational needs.


It's easy to schedule a PM plan for plant operations.


ESA accommodates the needs of different plants and their operating run hours to create a personalized plan that aligns with their needs.


ESA staff creates a preventive maintenance plan with the greatest uptime. If a customer needs special services ranging from basic service to cooler flushes and vibration analysis, the plan can include those services, too.


Customers of Engineering Sales Associates are the driving force behind the creation of their own plans.

Remote Monitoring Services

One of the key plans that ESA offers through its partners is remote monitoring for AirShield systems. ESA uses remote monitoring technology to monitor your compressors’ health and status. The end goal is to offer quality service at a reasonable cost. Most customers don’t realize that a significant amount of equipment downtime (up to 80%) can be eliminated through preventive maintenance. Keeping a system properly maintained also reduces costs associated with maintenance during the system’s lifetime.

Contact the experts at ESA today to learn more about maintenance and remote monitoring.

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