On-site Nitrogen Generators

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Explore the Benefits of Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Systems can be installed on-site where nitrogen is needed. This provides multiple advantages over traditional delivery methods. In most cases, a properly sized on-site Nitrogen System can provide an ROI in less than two years.

Safety is a top priority when using high-pressure and cryogenic liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen exposure can be hazardous and cause severe burns. An on-site industrial nitrogen generator drastically reduces the potential for workers to sustain injuries related to cylinder leaks during the transporting process. In addition, this vented gas is a costly waste.

On-site nitrogen generation delivers nitrogen of a consistent purity level. On-site generation systems are fitted with oxygen analyzers that constantly monitor nitrogen purity in relation to its oxygen content and alarm the customer if delivered gas purity is less than specified.

Relying on an on-site nitrogen generator will reduce waste and your use of fossil fuels that would otherwise be produced by nitrogen delivery trucks. Furthermore, nitrogen generation systems also reduce your dependency on the power grid.

On-site nitrogen generation places the nitrogen supply’s reliability under the user’s control. In addition, with on-site generation, there is no middleman to deal with regarding the on-time delivery of nitrogen; the user is in complete control.

Nitrogen Generators Benefit Multiple Industries

Industries such as food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical, and metal operations rely on nitrogen for their manufacturing processes. In the air we breathe, nitrogen is one of the most accessible and economical inert gasses. Additionally, when used in industrial processes, nitrogen can help avoid combustion, corrosion, and product spoilage.

Food and Beverage

Nitrogen allows efficient, economic preservation for transporting and storing food and beverage products. Compressed air is filtered through the membrane to produce nitrogen. The nitrogen is then used to replace oxygen during food packaging to preserve freshness and dry glass bottles before filling. As a result, nitrogen generators reduce operating expenses and simplify food and beverage operations.


Nitrogen generation helps in soldering machines automatically by stopping solder oxidation. During the soldering phase or fusing electronic components into permanent connections while gathering electronics, nitrogen gas is used. Nitrogen gas also mitigates surface tension for a more relaxing break away from the electrical bond site.


Nitrogen helps in preserving sterility and cleaning the pharmaceutical environment for healthiness. Additionally, it aids in restoring manufacturing conditions in an undesirable and hazardous atmosphere.

Processing Metal

On-site nitrogen generators in metal industries minimize contact with oxygen, which enhances the end-product quality.

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